How to Recycle Used Mobile Phone and Electronics

Recycling electronic devices is easier today than ever and chances are you have already recycled many of your used phones or laptops. Technology and the rate in which it’s growing is greater than ever, which means the hottest and newest tech toy you own right now will be yesterday’s news in just a few weeks.

The rising rate of growth is fueling the recycled electronics business, because of the increase of obsolete electronic devices consumers own. If you happen to own a laptop or cell phone for a popular use like video games, this effect will also increase because of the requirements new games and applications require.

There’s a flip side to all this new tech of course, and that’s the increase in environmentally hazardous issues that can arise from improper disposal.

When you want to recycle your cell phone make sure the company that’s taking your mobile phone recycle can properly refurbish your device or at the very least can properly dispose of it in a responsible and legal manner.

Find your local recycler to help you with your laptop recycling need, and there are many choices when it comes to a mobile phone recycling company in Scotland. Before you head out to drop off your mobile phone recyclable, there’s a few key points on how to recycle mobile phones or your used laptop.


Clear out all of your information beforehand, especially because your laptop and cell phone can hold valuable data like credit card numbers, or email addresses. Make sure to back up your data and then promptly clear your electronic device before recycling it.

You don’t want your personal data to be in the wrong hands, and because most recycled cell phones end up overseas, this is a problem you don’t need. When clearing your phone make sure to remove all your sim cards and pertinent photos.

Do not simply format your laptop because the data is still on the disk regardless of any formatting you perform. There are many low level formatting services or programs available that can completely wipe the disk by writing over the physical partition.

Your private data or identity theft are real life concerns that stop many people from donating used electronics. Knowing how to properly clear your cell phone of any sensitive images or data, and especially your laptop can be daunting for many people.




If you can’t find the right amount you want for your mobile phone recycle, consider donating to a charity for the right tax deductible. Not only are you profiting but you are also helping the community and because there’s so many choices for a mobile phone recycling company in Scotland you are doing your civic duty.


Try to find a local community group that is properly setup to accept your mobile phone or laptop recycling item to easily donate your used electronics.

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